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Latest Episodes…

  1. 121: Your Outside Should Match Your Inside (with Reachel Bagley)

    Fashion might not seem of utmost importance right now, but it really is a piece of who you are. Wearing the right clothes can bring more of you to the surface and help you be more YOU! Having been in fashion for over 10 years, our guest Reachel Bagley knows ...


  2. 120: Gratitude Practices

    Gratitude is essential to a happy life. It’s a way of living, of existing, and showing up. Even though it’s November and not uncommon to focus on gratitude, being grateful is a practice we should have all year round. In this episode, we share several specific gratitude practices from many ...


  3. 119: Starting With Confidence (with Brittany Ratelle)

    Oftentimes, people dream of turning a passion into a business, but rarely do they know how to do so while protecting themselves legally. Do I need to create an LLC? What contracts do I need to create? Do I need to trademark my brand? So many questions, but who can ...


  4. 118: Cultivating Clarity

    Who are you at the core? Do you even know or have you ever thought about it? Clarity in knowing who you truly are is essential so you can bring your best self to every part of your life: marriage, parenthood, community, work, school, and beyond. In this episode, Becky ...


  5. 117: Making Marriage Fun Again (with Camille Whiting)

    Has your marriage taken a hit with all the 2020 mayhem? Things might look a little different because your spouse’s work schedule is wonky or your kids are home all. the. time. Perhaps the spark is barely flickering and you feel more like business partners. Don’t despair! There is hope! ...