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Latest Episodes…

  1. 156: Document Your Travel

    This is an encore presentation of Ep. 026. You know we love to travel, but how do we document all of our travels so we can enjoy and remember them for years to come? In this episode we share how we do it! We debunk the myth that documenting ...


  2. 155: Summer Bucket List for Moms (with Ashley Rose Reeves)

    This is an encore presentation of Ep. 040. Many of us make summer bucket lists with our kids, but have you ever made a bucket list for YOU? Join entrepreneur and body positivity advocate, Ashley Reeves, as she talks about this practice she did so she can show up as ...


  3. 154: BONUS!! Podcast Pause for the Summer

    You, dear listener, likely know how much we value taking the time to pause in a variety of ways in life — and we very much advocate for taking proper breaks. For the remainder of this summer, we’re doing just that! We’re pushing pause on our podcast recording for a ...


  4. 153: Looking Up (with Michelle Rigby)

    Parents and kids today are facing the unique challenge of not just existing in a world filled with technology and social media, but of having that access literally at the tips of our fingers. It can be difficult to know how to best help our children navigate the social media ...


  5. 152: Thoughts About Life After Death (with Wesley White)

    The unknown of what happens after our life on this earth can be scary and even the thought of eternity or life after death can feel overwhelming. In this week’s episode we are joined by our friend and author, Wesley White, who has extensively researched and recently written a book ...