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Join Becky Squared (Becky Higgins + Becky Proudfit) on a weekly basis as they discuss a variety of topics in a podcast environment that is encouraging, enlightening, and FUN! New? Scroll through the topics and start with the one that stands out to you! Expect to be inspired. // @beckyhigginsllc @beckyproudfit

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 163: Nuggets of Entreprenuerial Wisdom (with Susan Petersen)

    This is an encore presentation of Ep. 042. Everything is open for discussion in this conversation with entrepreneur Susan Petersen, founder of Freshly Picked. We talk with Susan about how she started her business, where it is now, and the highs and lows in between. Listen in and glean ...


  2. 162: Identify Your Truth

    This is an encore presentation of Ep 072. Ready for an inspired pep-talk? Becky Proudfit gives us a glimpse into her heart as she shares what truths she holds dear. These are things she knows to be true down to her very core. As she explains these truths, she ...


  3. 161: Finding God in a Crazy World (with David Butler)

    This is an encore presentation of Ep. 098. The world we live in can feel confusing and uncertain. So how does one find hope during such a crazy time? In this episode, we talk with David Butler (scripture guru, professor, author, speaker, popular Instagrammer and YouTuber) about how to ...


  4. 160: Simplifying Life: Weed the Garden

    This is an encore presentation of Ep. 015. So many of us are caught up in the busy-ness of life and feeling burdened or overwhelmed. It’s time to get more intentional than ever — and it is NOT about adding more to what we already have going on. We’re ...


  5. 159: Cultivating Better Connection (with Brooke Romney)

    This is an encore presentation of Ep. 114. Everyone has a story. Sometimes we agree with them and sometimes we don’t. But surprise! We don’t have to take sides! Isn’t that a relief!? We can just listen for the sake of understanding, and sit with our feelings for a ...