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Join Becky Squared (Becky Higgins + Becky Proudfit) on a weekly basis as they discuss a variety of topics in a podcast environment that is encouraging, enlightening, and FUN! New? Scroll through the topics and start with the one that stands out to you! Expect to be inspired. // @beckyhigginsllc @beckyproudfit

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 029: Finding Joy in the Messy & Imperfect Life (with Melanie Burk)

    In a sweet and authentic conversation, Melanie teaches how we can create joy in a messy and imperfect life. She exposes what keeps us from finding joy and suggests how we can get past those stumbling blocks to create a life we love. Show notes can be found on the ...


  2. 028: Helping Kids Cultivate Better Self-Esteem

    So many stories and ideas to help our kids cultivate better self-esteem! This episode is filled with many simple yet impactful takeaways that you can implement straight away to foster more confidence and self-esteem in your children. Show notes can be found on the blog at Follow us on ...


  3. 027: Make it Happen, Where You Are with What You Have (with Brooke White)

    We are joined by Brooke White ... as in American Idol season 7 Brooke White, yep! We talk about her life since American Idol -- what she's been doing, both musically and personally. In this genuine, raw, and motivating interview and through her own personal experiences, Brooke shares how you ...


  4. 026: Documenting Your Travel

    You know we love to travel, but how do we document all of our travels so we can enjoy and remember them for years to come? In this episode we share how we do it! We debunk the myth that documenting a trip takes away from the experience and we ...


  5. 025: How and Why We Travel

    Both of us LOVE to travel and in this episode we talk about why we travel and how we make it work with our husbands and families. We share our secrets of how to get good deals and save money, allowing you to go places on your bucket list and ...