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Latest Episodes…

  1. 012: Stillness (with Hilary Weeks)

    Noise can take over our life without us realizing it. “Noise” can audibly sound like absolutely nothing and yet clutter our mind and our heart if we’re not careful. Singer / songwriter / inspirational speaker Hilary Weeks is our special guest in this episode and our discussion is based on ...


  2. 011: Overcoming Discouragement.

    Discouragement is inevitable part of life … but there ARE ways to climb out. Our dear friend and special guest, Amanda Taylor, spent a good 6+ years in a place of unhappiness, even though she really seemed to “have it all”. Anxiety, depression, feelings of failure and defeat, plus other ...


  3. 010: Gifting Like a Boss

    The last thing we want to do is toss random, meaningless gifts at our family and friends just because of obligatory gift-giving traditions. No. If you’re spending you hard-earned money on gifts for those you love, let’s make it COUNT, right?? We’re sharing some of our favorite and creative gift ...


  4. 009: Connecting Through Traditions

    Traditions MATTER and in this episode we’re talking about WHY traditions are increasingly important, WHAT we should be celebrating, and HOW to establish and honor traditions, whether they are generations deep or brand new ideas for you and your family. We scratch the surface on sharing some ideas just enough ...


  5. 008: Get a Head Start on the Holidays.

    We’re sharing the secret sauce to HOW you can have the best holiday season ever! Through lots of examples and stories about our own mistakes AND wins, this tip-packed episode will leave you so motivated to be more intentional about how you approach a season that oftentimes brings on feelings ...