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Join Becky Squared (Becky Higgins + Becky Proudfit) on a weekly basis as they discuss a variety of topics in a podcast environment that is encouraging, enlightening, and FUN! New? Scroll through the topics and start with the one that stands out to you! Expect to be inspired. // @beckyhigginsllc @beckyproudfit

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 150: Where Are You Anchored? (with Heidi Tucker)

    Countless individuals and families are affected by mental illness on a daily basis. Many of us either deal with mental health struggles directly, or we know and love someone who does. Award-winning author, Heidi Tucker, joins us this week to share the story of Margi, a woman diagnosed with Dissociative ...


  2. 149: “The Chosen” (with Dallas Jenkins)

    We have been watching and admiring “The Chosen” since the beginning of this tv series, and are so honored to be joined in this episode by the show’s creator, Dallas Jenkins. “The Chosen” is the largest crowd-funded media project of all time, and a multi-season series about the life of ...


  3. 148: Becky’s Hearing Loss + How it Relates to YOU

    In this episode, Becky H. shares her personal experience with hearing loss and how the conversation around this has translated into some very meaningful life lessons. Every single one of us is dealing with something hard and our hope is that you will genuinely feel that you are not alone ...


  4. 147: I Am Here (with Ashley Lemieux)

    What if it’s not really time that heals our wounds? How do we move through grief and fear and continue on the path toward achieving our dreams? Bestselling author, Ashley Lemieux, joins us this week to help answer these questions and more as we discuss her new book, I Am ...


  5. 146: Managing Expectations

    Where do expectations come from and what impact do they have on us? How do we frame those expectations and ensure they are realistic? Becky P. shares some thoughts on how to examine the expectations we hold in our life and how to curate them in a way that gives ...