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Latest Episodes…

  1. 141: Take Ownership of Your Life (with Richie Norton)

    We all have dreams – but we don’t always know how to accomplish them. Powerhouse author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur, Richie Norton, joins us for an insightful and inspiring conversation about how you can take better ownership of your life! Richie shares his profound perspective on everything from debunking myths ...


  2. 140: Christ-Centered Social Media

    For many of us, social media is a very prevalent part of our day-to-day life and it can easily become something that causes more stress than positivity if we are not vigilant about the content we are both consuming and sharing. This episode is a deeply vulnerable and open conversation ...


  3. 139: Curiosity Leads to Connection (with Annie Joy)

    We’re joined this week by the amazing and truly joyful, Annie Joy, as we discuss the magic of getting curious and how it brings connection into our lives. There’s no question that the past year was especially challenging for so many of us with regard to maintaining and developing connections ...


  4. 138: 6 Ways to Connect With Your Teen

    Teenagers can be deeply challenging AND amazing! As parents, sometimes it feels like the years between childhood and adulthood go by in the blink of an eye and the stress of teaching our children all the things in that time period can feel overwhelming. This week Becky P. breaks it ...


  5. 137: Finding Hope During Hardship (with Wendy Howe)

    We all need hope. In a time when it can be so easy to feel hopeless our dear friend, Wendy Howe, shares her perspective on finding that hope. Wendy reminds us that great tragedy can lead to great hope and can strengthen us in ways we never imagined. We are ...