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Join Becky Squared (Becky Higgins + Becky Proudfit) on a weekly basis as they discuss a variety of topics in a podcast environment that is encouraging, enlightening, and FUN! New? Scroll through the topics and start with the one that stands out to you! Expect to be inspired. // @beckyhigginsllc @beckyproudfit

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 145: Effortless (with Greg McKeown)

    What if instead of tackling all the hard things, we found an easier way to do them? We are beyond thrilled and honored to be joined in this episode by renowned speaker and best-selling author of “Essentialism”, Greg McKeown, as he discusses the ideas and principles infused in his new ...


  2. 144: 5 Ways to Move Onward and Upward

    BH shares 5 very specific and personal insights from the April 2021 LDS General Conference. One of our favorite things about these insights is how applicable they are regardless of religious background or beliefs. We truly believe that as you incorporate these basic principles into the foundation of your character ...


  3. 143: Letting Go of What People Think (with Lisa Funk)

    Have you ever stopped to think about what holds you back from trying new things? We fully believe in the importance and power of having a creative outlet and also acknowledge that there can be so many outside influences that keep us from exploring those activities. We’re so honored to ...


  4. 142: Identifying Your Emotions

    Emotions are good. Emotions serve a purpose. And sometimes emotions can feel overwhelming. In this episode we discuss a few steps to help identify those emotions in order to understand both why we are feeling them and also how we can turn them into tools to propel ourselves forward. You’ll ...


  5. 141: Take Ownership of Your Life (with Richie Norton)

    We all have dreams – but we don’t always know how to accomplish them. Powerhouse author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur, Richie Norton, joins us for an insightful and inspiring conversation about how you can take better ownership of your life! Richie shares his profound perspective on everything from debunking myths ...