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Latest Episodes…

  1. 135: Navigating Depression (with Dina Wakley)

    Artist and teacher, Dina Wakley, joins us this week to discuss her experiences dealing with depression. In addition to sharing some tools that can be used to help combat depression, she also outlines some signs that can indicate when it is time to seek professional help. We are incredibly grateful ...


  2. 134: 11 Tips for Better Connection with Your Spouse – Part 2

    Be sure you listen to episode 133 before listening to this one. In part 2 of this conversation, we continue to discuss a few tips that can help promote connection within your marriage. Our hope is that after listening to these episodes you feel better equipped to turn away from ...


  3. 133: 11 Tips for Better Connection with Your Spouse – Part 1

    There can be a lot of apprehension associated with Valentine’s Day. In an effort to help ease some of that anxiety and focus on the importance of connection in relationships, we discuss 11 tips to help you cultivate clarity, intimacy, and honesty in your marriage. Tips 1-3 are shared in ...


  4. 132: Stop Holding Yourself Back! (with Doorly Winegar)

    We all experience moments (or even full seasons) of self-doubt — times when we convince ourself we were not worthy of joy or that we are imposters in our own lives. The question is — what do you DO about it? We are joined this week by mom, military wife, ...


  5. 131: Heal Your Body With Thoughts (with Natalie Postl)

    We are thrilled to have our dear friend and certified holistic nutritionist, Natalie Postl, back for another episode! (Be sure to catch Ep. 129 — Heal Your Body with Food) In a world that can be sometimes overwhelming with its inundation of information, Natalie is a voice of truth and ...