165: How Not to Freak Out

September 15, 2021 00:34:04
165: How Not to Freak Out
Cultivate a Good Life
165: How Not to Freak Out

Sep 15 2021 | 00:34:04


Show Notes

This is an encore presentation of of Ep. 080. Most of us are guilty of freaking out a little at some point during our parenting journey — or in other life situations. Surely we can do better. But how? In this episode, we share three tangible things you can try today to take yourself from freak out moment to teaching moment. These tips will help you preserve your integrity and help everyone maintain self-respect in all relationships you are in.  
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Tips to get out of freak out mode:
1. Stop exaggerating what’s actually happening.
2. Acknowledge your weakness.
3. Make statements instead of asking questions. 
Read more about the study BP mentioned here
“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.” —Thomas S. Monson
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